New Pellet Stove Owner - Few Questions

goosecharger Posted By goosecharger, Dec 5, 2018 at 2:44 PM

  1. goosecharger

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    Nov 3, 2018
    Hi all,

    I have recently installed a Quadrafire Santa Fe in my house out here in rural Colorado. Our house sits at about 8,300 ft. My friends dad helped me install the stove and it has been working well thus far, I just had a few questions.

    The first is with regards to the vent piping. We piped it straight through the wall and outside, we opted to just have a straight vent and then a down facing 45 with a cover. We opted for just the straight pipe since the wall is on the front of the house and it looks a bit less obtrusive. I read some forums on a small amount of ash sparks coming out of the end of the vent. I feel relieved that I shouldn't really be worried about it but the vent points down to the deck and the sparks usually land on the deck and then burn out within a second or two.

    That makes me wonder if I should consider getting the clean out tee and then venting the pipe upward to 1) avoid the ash sparks and 2) make cleaning the vent pipe easier.

    Any thoughts regarding this?

    Thanks for y'alls help!
  2. glockshooter

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    I really can't speak for any sparks coming out, but I would think a bit of a vertical would be beneficial for draft as well. I always thought if you ran straight like you are, in the event of power failure, you don't have a natural draft to pull out the remaining smoke.
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  3. fmsm

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    You should check with local codes as to venting out on a deck. God forbid there was a fire and you were not in compliance your insurance company can deny a claim.

    My own setup goes out to a T and up 10 inches then out, this gives me natural draft and a place for ash to collect at the bottom of the T.
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