New Pellet user, question on air circulation

jwhitesel Posted By jwhitesel, Oct 28, 2008 at 6:48 PM

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    I'm still finishing the installation of our new pellet stove, but I have a question an moving the air around. I placed the pellet stove in my old garage that I just converted into a family room (actually lets call it the man cave!). When I built the man cave I installed new supply ductwork in the floor joists and this ductwork is connected to an existing central HVAC system that serves an addition on the back of the house. All in all its a small unit that serves about 1000 SF total. The unit itself sits in the basement of the main house and is a heat pump with propane back up. I do have a return air duct for the unit that is in the man cave as well. The return air duct is probably 15-16 feet away from the pellet stove and its also in a wall that does not face the pellet stove. I was thinking that once the pellet stove is running I could turn on just the circulating fan in the HVAC unit and get the warm air moving around to the other area of the house as well. This should be ok right? I know there was mention of the cold air return location in the installation instructions for the pellet stove, but since the man cave is open to the rest of the house as well, I don't think there would be enough "pull" on the stove to create any smoke back. Let me know your thoughts. I'm hoping to have the stove up and running by the weekend so I'll probably find out soon.

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