New Quad Outfitter Series-thoughts?

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Mar 6, 2020
Allegany County, NY
Does anyone have any experience yet with the new Quad Outfitter series stoves?

The old Eco-Choice CAB series that were briefly Quad branded look to be discontinued. I'm the proud owner of an old but still beastly CAB50. They weren't the most efficient from an EPA standpoint and they've otherwise been around a while so I'm not surprised they're gone, but they had a good long run.

These new Outfitters replacing the CAB series in the Quad line look very much like Pelpro stoves in an Eco-Choice-ish cabinet. I dug into their parts diagrams and they look to have the same knob thermostat, burn pot (Pelpro style, not round Quad style) and auger. Back before I got my stove used I almost bought a new Pelpro but chose not to because my understanding was that it was worth it to have the Quad style burnpot and jam resistant auger (based in large part on advice on this forum).

I really can't tell the difference between these new Outfitters and the comparable Pelpro stoves beyond a few cabinet design differences, and then of course the Quad dealer support vs. big box DIY. The guts look to be almost the same between the two.

But if anyone out there knows more about these new Quads and how/if they are different from Pelpro I'd be interested. I know they're both HHT brands. I'm hoping to get a few more years out of my CAB50 but I'll eventually want to replace it with a new stove instead of a new-to-me. #1 reason I was looking at these stoves is because of the 130# hopper capacity which has served us well so far.