New Regency i2500 installed, have some questions

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New Member
Aug 9, 2022
Hi All,

I've spent a lot of time here since joining to read up as much as I can. This forum has been so helpful, and I had my wood burning insert (Regency i2500) installed earlier this week.

What accessories are suggested to monitor how my fires are going? I have an IR thermometer, but no magnetic thermometers. How useful is the temp gauge included with the unit? I wait for that to hit 1000 and slide in the catalytic element.

I think I have been able to successfully control fire temp during the break in period. Stove top and sides (around door) have measured 250 for early fires and up to 475 for third+ fires. All of these are with the air control at absolute minimal setting.

The way homes are built in my area means my first floor has a really long run out the chimney, which is 40'. Installer used 5.5" liner and poured insulation. A lot of what I read has lead me to believe that I easily have too much draft. What are the negative effects of too much draft? I'm convinced I couldn't burn low and slow if I tried, but I could be wrong. I feel like I can keep the temperature down by not putting in too much wood, rather than with the air adjustments. I don't know if this observation is helpful, but I usually see a secondary burn each fire. However, there's always a decent sized flame coming from the middle bottom of the firebox for the beginning of a burn.

Any advice or tips are appreciated. It will warm up soon in my area and I will be better prepared for next winter.
Paging @bholler !

40’ is a super high chimney and could make the stove pretty hard to control.

Small amounts of wood are great for controlling the amount of heat coming out of the stove, but don’t shy away from using the air controls as otherwise you end up sending all the heat up the chimney.
At 40' the stove is going to be very difficult if not impossible to control due to excessive draft. You may need to figure out how to install a pipe damper to bring the draft down