New roof giving the ac a break!

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Nov 3, 2018
Belpre oh
So, we replaced our single layer shingle roof/felt paper/ 1/2” plywood. Tore off the shingles and felt paper, put down strips, solex underlament, and new metal (brown to match the house and barn).
I am happy to report our attic is staying much cooler. It’s still lacking on the soffit vents but the new roof made more of an improvement than anyone was expecting. 90F outside today with full sun from 6 am to 6 pm (trees shade the house late evening)and the hottest it showed was 101F in the attic.
Our ac ran intermittently today, previously the attic would have been closer to 120F and our ac would have just turned on about 10 am and stayed there till dark.
It will be interesting to compare electric usage this summer to last.

the shingles were well passed their life expectancy ( they were the second set in 50 years) so we didn’t send good roofing to the dump for the sake of switching to metal.
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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
I need a new roof for mine is outdated and it has not leaked yet for I walk up to the attic and check but wow they are so very expensive and to repair them is expensive as well (metal roof I believe you are talking about here) and nice to have some information on this type of roof. I also like those tile ones but someone told me that they crack and bee's or wasps or whatever gets in them and I was just wondering about these types as well.. But roofing is so darn expensive and I will have to put this idea off for now but glad for you and especially since it is making a difference and I bet your electric bill will be lower as well. For now if mine leaks I will just patch it...clancey