New season, new Ravelli flow meter problems.

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Minister of Fire
Aug 8, 2017
My 4th season with the Ravelli Francesca and flow meter issues from the start. The interesting thing is upon initial startup I get a visual display showing “defect flowmeter“ along with beeps. I have had different number error codes before but never seen a message like this. I cannot find this message described in any of the various literature I have found. The stove runs but in a lower modulating mode with periodic beeping and message. The flow meter is new again last season and the stove was thoroughly cleaned a few weeks ago. I haven’t opened up the stove yet but I was careful to make sure I didn’t dislodge any connections or components. I guess it’s time to try to shut the flow meter off in the firmware but with the peculiarities of this stove I suspect that will lead to other issues. See attached picture. Anyone ever get this particular message? It‘s been a numeral error code in the past.

New season, new Ravelli flow meter problems.
Just had a chance to look at this ongoing issue. The most recent air flow board to fail, ( 3 in 3 years), was blackened on the fingers where the first 2 failures looked pretty clean. This one appears to be a board failure as it’s the only one that gives a “defective flowmtr” message immediately upon startup. The other two run for a while and eventually give an error code pointing to the debimeter. None of the documentation I can find even describes the “defective flowmtr” message. I reinstalled the debimeter that was original to the stove and everything is running normal for now. I suspect soon I will get an alarm. Then I will make another attempt to negate the debimeter from the factory settings. Tried previously but couldn’t navigate through the menus to the air flow setting. Has anyone performed this function on a Ravelli with success?