New Stihl 261

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It's a great saw. Mine 23 years old, and my first issue, broken shut of wire. I don't flood it often, but when you do, it's rough. Of course we all don't want to wait hours to it cools.
As to throwing a chain. Is the bar noise sprocket ok. How did it happen? Slow speed, grabbing a small twig?
Throwing the chain happened while cutting but it was so fast I couldn't really tell you. I was clearing some small vines brushy crap from around the base of a small tree before I felled it though, and some of that crap was kind of grabby. Dropped the tree, and then on maybe my second bucking cut the chain came off. It came off again while bucking firewood on some logs that were just delivered. Only cutting bigger stuff that time, the chain was just way loose. This last time cutting with it I tightened the chain a bit more than I usually do and I cranked the bar nuts tighter than I usually do. That held and didn't seem to loosen at all. It's worth noting again that it's only had 2 tanks of fuel run through it at this point, so it's possible the chain is still stretching.
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Checking back in on this post to say that I've cut probably 5 or so more cords with the 261 and the chain throwing has stopped. I've used 2 other chains, both Stihl brand since the first one and neither one has done what the first one did. I don't have to stop and check the chain tension every few cuts now, I just use the saw as usual and it performs very well. I guess it was just that one chain. I used that chain up cutting down a whole bunch of pallets, it got chipped and dinged up and is now at the metal pile at the local transfer station. The two chains since have performed flawlessly and the saw is very easy to handle and impressive for it's weight. So, after some initial hiccups, it's all good!
I had problems with my ms441 that I used to have. I ran the stihl 25" bar and chain. They would stretch bad. Bad enough that I had 3/4 tooth life left and have to have a full link taken out. Never had a problem out of my oregon chains