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New Member
Mar 24, 2024
Hello! Looking for advice here. We need a new wood stove that is a workhorse and preferably low maintenance to heat a 2100 square foot home with a cathedral ceiling. Had a Woodstock Soapstone but also heated with oil. Now however , we would like to heat with wood as much as possible. Prefer not to have a catalytic. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
What happened to the Woodstock? Was it in the same home, and how did it perform in meeting the heating needs?
Can you provide a sketch of the lay out of your home?
Is there a ceiling fan (otherwise the heat pools near the top of the cathedral ceiling)?
How tall would the chimney be?

2100 sq ft is significant to heat with a space heater (all stoves are in essence space heaters).

What do you mean by "low maintenance". Stove ("metal") maintenance? In general this is negligible for any stove, as compared to the wood supply work. Even if you buy wood (have to stack it, bring it in, clean up the dirt near the stove etc.)

And important: What is the style you like? You're going to have to look at the thing for the next decade or two...
There are several good stoves that fit these requirements. The Lopi Liberty, Pacific Energy Summit or Alderlea T6, Jotul F55, and Osburn 3300 or3500 are good options. In value stoves the Englander 32-NC or large Drolets are good workhorses