New Stove! First Stove! And it's outside :-)!

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I say just do it if you think its right. Might not be ideal, but its your house in the long run. My set up gets bad reviews, and I dont really care. I have 3 years with my POS setup.
I’ve been following this thread and my first thought was that it was a wacky idea. Then it hit me that, like it’s been said, it’s your house etc so do whatever you want. I give a fellow Georgian credit for trying to get it done so it won’t burn the house down! Too bad you can’t put one of those adobe fireplaces like they have out West there instead of a wood stove. Whatever you do, listen to the experts on this forum. They will probably save your house and your family!
I've decided to go with the pellet stove I linked earlier. It's essentially a little wood stove, yet more modern looking. In the end, I think this will be much safer. I'll finish the thread as I finish my project. Lot of work to do to finish the wall, order the stove, get it piped in, etc. Appreciate all of the advice!
I personally thought you were on the right track when you most recently were talking of putting up a proper chimney...I get trying to save a buck and do it the easiest way, I can be as cheap as anybody, but not when it comes to burning my home down!
It's not the money, it's the dang placement of the stove and it having to have a 20 foot + chimney to work correctly and be safe lol! I'm done though, I've spent enough time pondering this. Pellet stove it is!
Closing thread. There is a good pellet forum here for further suggestions.
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