new TV or old TV, that is the question...

Mo Heat Posted By Mo Heat, Sep 11, 2007 at 12:19 AM

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    I will admit that I haven't watched a huge number of those engineering disaster and such shows, but the ones I've seen, I haven't been that impressed with, as they seemed rather "dumbed down" and targeted at about the 9 YO level... Fun perhaps, but not a lot of info on preventing the problem beyond the "don't do that" level.

    I personally think the best approach is a combination of killing the TV and firing the public [strike]indoctrination camp[/strike] school - replace it with a combination of "benign parental mendacity" ("Daddy, how do I ....?" "I don't know Jr., why don't you look it up") an education in the basics, and "self directed learning". I've seen kids brought up that way and the results are stunning...

    I've seen some discussion that claims a lot of ADHD and such "disorders" are a conditioned response to television. That the way TV constantly jumps subject to subject, changes scenes and the like trains the brain to demand the same thing in real life, rather than focussing on a single task (or small set of them) until finished, then going to the next...


    (BTW, we have a 27" CRT, Wal-Mart special TV, hooked up to the cable TV co.- which we got for the cheap internet access. The GF watches it a lot, I won't stay in the same room when it's on...)
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