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Dec 1, 2016
I am looking to install a new stove Hearthstone Manchester and had the installer come out and take a look this weekend. I currently have a zc prefab fireplace installed with an air cooled chimney. I thought Id have to take the whole thing out but he recommended an insulated liner in the existing chimney and extending the hearth so the Mansfield could sit on it and be directly vented out the back. While this would be the cheapest option I was looking to get some second opinions on two items

1. Sheet 11 of the manual shows a direct rear exit of the stove with a heat shield as N/A clearance to combustibles for connector. He wants to put the stove a few inches 2 or 3 infront of the existing opening and then close it off with a piece of sheet metal. I am questioning the framing that is in the wall behind the zc fireplace specifically the header will end up slightly higher than the stove. Is this allowed? He said my mantle will have to go as this is above the stove but the framing behind it ( covered by cultured stone) is allowed

2. All of the insulated chimney liners I looked at show they are made to reline existing masonry chimney. I know this is probably done all of the time but is there literature where it says these liners are made to line an air cooled chimney to HD Standard
So far, what is being described sounds correct. A 6" insulated liner in the air cooled pipe is proper as long as it fits.

Do you know what make/model ZC fireplace this is?

Note that there are good looking non-combustible mantel available if seeking a replacement.
Thank you the existing zc is a marco not sure the exact model. The pipe in the stove I would think should meet all of the clearances required just because of the void space in the existing fireplace i would think unless there is something specific to marco?

Any recommendations on a brand of non combustible mantle?

I was having the most trouble wrapping my head around how or why on sheet 10 double wall connector with close clearance heat shield you need 6" clearance to combustibles at the rear and then on sheet 11 it drops to N/A for direct rear exit and or is that connector requirements only and you still have to bounce back to sheet 10 for the stove clearance? Sorry dont meant to question just want to make sure im getting the correct info from the installer
If the flue on the Marco is 10" ID then a 6" insulated liner will drop pretty easily down it. How tall is the chimney on theZC?

I asked the model because then you might be able to look up the installation specs and the height of the front face. It would show where the first permissible use of wood above the face is. The header might be where the mantel is mounted.
I looked last night the fireplace is a Marco model 792864b. The existing air cooled chimney is an 8". It looks like 43" to the header and 47" wide for the framing. Additionally looking at the close clearance heat shield for the Manchester it looks like its just a plate over the rear flu exit so i don't see how that would work or where there is any literature where the clearance to combustibles for the rear doesn't matter if your are venting into a zero clearance fireplace?. Double wall pipe with heat shield 6" clearance is the closest i think i could put that stove to the wall since the header and the side framing for the marco unit are too close. Unless i am reading something wrong?
Researching further I think id feel more comfortable moving the stove the required 6" out from the wall. This leads me to my next issue as the dealer sells Olympia liner (which i am not married to) however all of the connecting T's i see are not a close clearance insulated T does anyone know of a system where i could use a close clearance connector and T to connect to the insulated liner. They are saying it doesn't matter because the T is inside the zero clearance fireplace but if i exists I don't see how it could hurt as there is no literature giving a specific clearance from that T inside a zero clearance fireplace. Appreciate all of the help
It is listed as N/A because when rear venting you would'nt be using the close clearance heatshield, because it would cover the rear flue connection.
Thanks.... it took me a while to realize what that close clearance heat shield was. Which is leading me to my next question because all of the T's that connect to the flex liners appear to be single wall and not an insulated double wall T so how does that connection get made from the stove and through the T without needing tons of room for clearance, or is there something about doing it through a zc fireplace that i am missing where it is allowed?
I dont know much so anybody feel free to speak up. But per the new update to UL 1482, a wood insert can not be installed in a factory built fireplace. Per a Hearthstone tech that also extends to there stoves venting through a prefab via a liner.
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I just got that emailed to me from hearthstone. The bulletin says that ul1390 will be coming out to address those issues. I mean the whole thing sounds ass backwards to me the small little section of pipe that is in the center of fireplace can not possibly make the fireplace itself hotter than an actual fire being in there licking up the ceramic walls. How can you have something rated for a specific clearance to a combustible but its not ok to be in an actual fireplace? I feel like ul 1390 hopefully allow it somehow when it comes out but that could be years
Just a thought, how about putting in a pellet stove in the meantime? They are power rear vented with close clearance vent pipe (3" or 4"). Buy a used one and sell it and the pipe to top plate whenever you are ready to upgrade to a wood stove.

That would also give you time to season your wood.
I was just telling my wife if i have to buy pellets or wood for that matter Id rather just buy oil and turn up the thermostat
I did.. good memory… that was a project and a half sad to leave it. We ended up moving a mile down the road but to a new state so the kids could be in school with my wife