New VC stove problem, clean glass came in handy

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Minister of Fire
Oct 10, 2022
New problems with my VC stove today. Last burn I did get it hot and clean the glass and luckily it got warm out so the glass stayed clean. I now see the great reason for a clean glass. This morning while drinking coffee the stove came to life all by itself! Damn bird came down the chimney and got into the stove. When I could see him in the box I closed the damper so he was at least trapped in the box. Put a garbage bag over the front and opened the doors, he flew into the bag and I took him out, maybe her, and set it free.
It's a stainless metal chimney with a cap but it got in there. Not the first time.
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Woh. That's crazy. I got the spark arrestor to avoid that and of course sparks. Although the area I live is perpetually wet.
Surprised it didn't get burned from the coals.