Newb, just purchased a used Resolute III.

1986944t Posted By 1986944t, Dec 16, 2013 at 3:40 AM

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    Dec 16, 2013
    I recently bought a Resolute III (two swinging doors) in Bordeaux Red (I've always been a sucker for red). I have some questions, so please bear with me, (used the "Search function" and didn't really come up with much).

    Little background, as a kid I grew up with a Lopi stove and a Hear-Mor outdoor boiler/burner up in the Northwoods of the U.P. So cutting/burning wood isn't a "new" thing to me. Moved down to Indiana about 8 years ago, purchased my own (first) house. I knew I didn't want to heat with propane, so I bought myself a Heat-Mor. Now my house is an old farmhouse that the P.O. had put vinyl siding over the original wood siding, so the house is a "little" drafty when the wind blows. The Heat-Mor works pretty darn good, but kinda fights a losing battle until the house gets insulation board/house wrap and re-sided in the future. So thus began my quest to find an indoor stove. After searching Craigslist, I found myself entranced with this Red Resolute that kept coming up week after week. The guy came down on the price, I looked it over and purchased it, brought it home and started cleaning it up.

    Upon attempting to vacuum out the "innards", underneath the dampner, behind the fireback, there is a channel on the left side (looking at the stove from the front) that goes down and then back to the right (I'm assuming this is the secondary burn chamber). It was full of creosote, so I cleaned it out as best as I could, tipped it on its sides to loosen any more material that I couldn't reach.

    1. Is there any way to remove the Fire Back to get any more creosote material that may be hiding back there or am I going to have to completely disassemble the whole thing?

    2. When moving the dampner from the vertical burn position to the horizontal burn position, it likes to fall back into the vertical burn position, unless I put a little pressure on it and it pops into place and stays there.

    3. Should there be a gap between the dampner and the "top upper piece" (not sure what the technical term is, but the top of the stove), or should there be a gasket in place there?

    4. When cleaning it out I had taken the legs off and saw the four rods/nuts that hold the whole thing together, I loosened those (thinking I might be able to take the bottom off and see if I could get up in there to clean some more of that stuff out) but didn't take the bottom off. I tried to wiggle it off, it moved a little, enough to crack/dislodge the cement. Will I need to re-seal it with cement?

    5. Is there a sticky or a How-To on assembly/dissembly?

    6. Piping and Chimney: I have a brick chimney in the house, my question is this: Can I run insulated pipe (Metalbestos/Supervent) down/up the existing chimney to where the stove is going to be located? Or will I have to get a brick/stone liner installed? If the latter, I'll most likely put the stove on the opposite side of the room (outter wall of the house) and use the insulated pipe that came with the stove and vent it through the wall and up above the peak of the house. Just trying to utilize the chimney with this whole idea.

    7. Anything else I should watch out for or look for regarding this stove?

    8. Where do I find the actual model number and date it was made? There is a four digit number cast behind the dampner and also there is a serial number on the "sticker" on the back of the stove.

    I really don't want any air leaks, I do realize it will take some time to go through the whole thing (I'm a DIY guy, not much really scares me). The enamel really is beautiful (couple chips on the back of the stove). Any more input or insight would be greatly appreciated, this forum is full of knowledge and I'm very glad I stumbled upon it. Pretty sure I did this right and hopefully it's in the right section, if not I apologize to the Mods.

    I'll try and get some pics of the stove later today, and of the areas that are of concern to me.
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    That's a lot of questions. Since you loosened the tie rods and broken the seals, the stove really should be rebuilt considering it's age.
    That will sort of kill the fly with a shotgun and take care of everythinmg at once. That's what I'd do.
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