Newbie Can't get Electric Splitter to work

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New Member
Dec 26, 2023
Kansas City
Hi, just purchased a Osburn Matrix stove last week, and dug out the "new in the box" Wen 6.5 ton cheapie electric log splitter I bought last summer, and can't hardly get the ram to move. I topped off the hydraulic fluid until the dipstick read full, plugged directly into an outdoor outlet with no extension cord, opened up the air valve at the end, and only have been able to get the ram to move barely a couple of times. What else can I do? I know its cheap, and I should upgrade, but trying to determine if this one is DOA, or if I can repair it, and how.

Not sure how many folks on here have Electric splitters or that model. Might want to do a google search
From a purely hydraulic viewpoint I'll go with air in the system. Keep working it and see if it picks up.
Did you stand it up to fill the oil? I think that's how its on mine anyways, and I think these things are all pretty similar.
There are quite a few people here have them, so I'm sure someone that has messed with them more than me will show up eventually...they actually work pretty well, I have mine in the garage just to break down the occasional "too big" split, or to make a "custom" sized split when I'm trying to really pack the furnace (which is very seldom needed)
I have a harbor freight model. Split 1 cord/ year for about 5 years. Try a different outlet closest to your main electric panel. 20 Amp if possible.
It sounds more like a hydraulic problem then an electrical problem. Did the fluid leak out and that is why it was low? Either air in and it needs bleeding or the pump isn't pumping enough.