Newbie here, whitfield advantage 2-t convection blower issues

Whitfieldadv Posted By Whitfieldadv, Dec 4, 2017 at 1:22 PM

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    Dec 4, 2017
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    New guy here, in need of some help with my advantage 2-t, I have owned the stove for about 5 years and she has been flawless and well maintained.. this past spring at the end of the burning season the convection blower locked up.. So a few weeks ago I installed the new blower, fired it up and it ran.. So I took it back in the house and put some pellets in, lit them, hit the start button.... it did it's usual run on setting 5 for the first 10-15 seconds and idled back.. Well it stays idle and won't kick up or adjust to any of the settings when commanded to.. before it would idle for a minute or two then the blower would kick up to desired setting.. ..ive went over and double checked all of my connections, another question what switch hi or low temp is on the convection inlet? I would like to thank anyone for any help, we just want our ol whit to burn again!
    Thanks, Lance
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    Hello Lance,
    Welcome to the forum. Could you accidentally have bumped off the thermostat jumper, when you replaced the convection blower? What control board do you have: Rotary knobs or touch pad? On a touch pad board all indicator LEDs will be blinking in this situation and the stove only running in idle-mode, waiting for the thermostat to close its contact ( making a short ) = call for heat signal.
    When the stove runs without thermostat, the jumper is needed to put the stove in permanent "call for heat" mode.

    There are two hi-limit switches. One is mounted close to the convection airstream ( the one you ask about ) and another monitors the combustion air inlet area not far from the burn pot.
    The low limit switch is also called a Proof Of Fire switch ( POF ) and is placed in the exhaust on the combustion blower housing just before the flue mounting flange
    This diagram is of the newest Advantage II-T with touchpad control ( and igniter ). It should give an overview of the safety switches etc.
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