Newbie needs help find the right size for my Zero Clearance

kpereyra Posted By kpereyra, Jun 22, 2008 at 3:36 AM

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  1. kpereyra

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Fairfield County, CT
    Hi all. I was hoping some of you might be so kind as to help me find the right size pellet insert for my Temco zero clearance fireplace. The current ZC fireplace is the largest Temco you can buy and has plenty of room in all dimensions to fit most inserts. The opening is 41" wide and 25" high. The problem I seem to be having is with the top trim panel. I have only 27" until my rock masonry and I'd like the insert to fit in flush against the ZC unit, (45" wide max x 27" high max) Most units seem to be a minimum of 28" with the top panel (Breckwell P24I) and most seem to be 30"+.

    Can anyone recommend a unit that might fit those dimensions? I realize there are a lot of factors in trying to determine the correct size. If it helps, my house is 3300 sq ft colonial. It's a mostly open floor plan. My main objective is to heat the first floor living area (1600 sq ft max).

    Do I even need the top panel surround? Can any of them be custom sized?

  2. jtp10181

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    Cut out the bottom of the temco firebox so the insert sits right on the hearth (if the insert you are installing has this listed in thier manual as an option). Also you can take most surround panels to a sheet metal shop and have them cut it down for you.
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