News from the Arctic

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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Not a good picture for 2024. The arctic ice pack loss in June doesn't bode well.

News from the Arctic

Permafrost melt is also creating some unexpected consequences.
Less buffer meaning more dramatic/hotter summer? Not ideal although its been an easy start to things here in WI other than the rain.
That is one of the smaller changes, though a lot doesn't grow too well with temps over 100. Alaska is feeling greater changes right now. Read the article for the bigger picture.
Scary to say the least, a lot of people think it's just normal for temps to keep going up and "that's what happens" but when you look at the chart and we keep jumping higher substantially, it get scary.
The hot keeps getting hotter with 2024 looking like will break 2023's record breaking heat.

Dang, good plot. Telling.
Indeed it confirms that June was the thirteenth month in a row that was record hot.