non-digital alternative to crappy Condar catalyst probe thermometers ?

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Minister of Fire
Jan 6, 2009
I am really getting sick and tired of the crappy design and poor manufacture quality of the ubiquitous Condar probe thermometers that come with most catalytic wood heaters, and wonder if there is an alternative.

The problem is the the inner end of the bi-metallic spring has a little j-hook bent into it, which catches on a hex nut on the shaft of the thing. I've repeatedly had the pressure from the spring (when it gets hot) cause this hook to slip off the corner of the nut, sometimes resetting the room-temperature "zero" of the unit to a higher temperature, or sometimes just making the spring completely loose. I've repaired 'em by taking apart and bending the hook a little tighter, but the repair doesn't often last. It's a piss-poor design.

There are alternatives usually branded with stove manufacturers' names, but I am virtually certain they are just the Condar product. I think a digital device is overkill. Are there any alternatives ?

I also sometimes wonder if I got a bad one (including the new one that Condar sent me when I complained). Because I have never heard anyone else here whine about this problem as I am doing.