Noob firewood seller questions

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Noob firewood seller questions
I’ve been selling off and on all winter. I’ve only sold a dozen face cords, but I’m not really trying to sell much wood. Today I had my first buyer come with a moisture meter. Kind of exciting (in a wood nerd kind of way) that someone cares enough to check the wood! 🤓

I’ve had a few repeat customers, and people who want to get wood again next year. I’ve been working on my future supply of wood to sell. I’ve been cutting a bunch more ash.

It seems January and February are big months to sell wood. A lot of the bigger sellers are out of seasoned wood by now. Or maybe their wood is just too expensive
I don't think about the break even point or money savings. If I did, I would have to include the cost of the chimney and stove. There was no chimney in this house when we moved in. At some point I am going to have to buy a new saw. I use my grandpa's old saw and I am 49. The price I will pay for a saw will be a year or two worth of "savings" from burning wood. If I ever injure myself badly enough to need medical attention, and let's be honest.... firewood gathering is never entirely safe even if you are careful, well then any "savings" are gone forever because I am on the high deductible health plan.

If I break even from a $ standpoint by burning wood I will be happy. Even if it costs me a little bit I am still better off with it than without. I enjoy it and it is good for my mental and physical health (unless I get injured).