Off Shore Wind - A whole of info on Mass Projects

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
That is a pretty good article. I wonder if they could make a combination structure to harness both wind energy and wave energy - a twofer.
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Nice article. I grew up on some of those beaches. :)

Two things... (1) the price per kWh for Vineyard, which should be competitive given earlier analyses we made for Haliade-X. And (2) the opening that said that Mass is 'leading the way' on Offshore Wind... without mentioning that Mass NIMBYs and corrupt pols held back the industry for the last two decades.

On point 2... we can find a silver lining... the tech has matured significantly (including larger turbines and cheaper kWh) in the field in the EU/UK, so the array we get will be more acceptable... cheaper power, further from shore, better capacity factor, than a podunk array built 15-20 years ago would've been.