Oil boiler recommendations


Minister of Fire
Dec 14, 2007
SE Mass
I have the smallest Buderus and also make hot water with a zoned tank with it. Oil is relatively cheap here on the coast and electric is horribly expensive. My house is too far from the street for natural gas = the ditch price was more than I wanted to pay. It really does sip oil. The boiler can be shut off and allowed to go cold in the SUMMER and I used to do that as the water tank had two coils and the bottom one had a tube solar panel connected to it, but I replaced the roof, eliminated all the roof penetrations except the DWV and never put the solar panel back up. One of these days - when the price of HHO goes back up ....

If I was ten years younger I'd fill the every square inch of the roof with solar panels and get an A/C and heat mini-split.