Old school Fiskars Super Splitter.

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Jan 3, 2009
Southern Adirondacks
After reading some of the recent reviews pointing out the fact that Fiskars had changed head configuration on the new X series, and the changes have seemed to hurt the performnace a bit, I figured t was time to grab one of the old Super Splitters that are STILL available locally.

I've got a Gransfors Splitting Maul and it works....very well. I didn't really need another maul, but I've been leary of splitting directly on the ground since the price of Gransfors skyrocketed 5-6 years ago. I'd much rather stick a $60 axe in the ground, instead of the $160 axe if you know what I mean.

I've had the Fiskars for a couple of weeks now an am starting to from some opinions on it. Most of them good.


It splits well. Much like my Gransfors. I'm a firm believer in light sharp splitting mauls that penetrate quick. The amount of 'work' you are doing Vs heavier mauls seems to
be much less with these tools. The combination of sharpness, light weight and smart head shape makes long hours splitting MUCH easier.

Unbreakable handle...so far so good.

Decent price.


The flare on the head Vs the Gransfors makes it stick/get stuck a bit more in stringy wood. With the widest point of the Gransfors being closer to the handle, you have to
drive the Gransfors deeper before it gets snagged.

Shorter handle doesn't generate as much snap on full roundhouse swings.

Harder to get the wrist flip/snap ala Leveraxe. This could just be the fact that the axe is new to me. I can flick the Gransfors at will, but I've been swinging it or 6-7 years.

No dedicated poll for pounding wedges etc. Not a deal killer though...I don't use it alot on my Gransfors, but it's there if need be.

All in all I've absolutely no regrets in buying the Fiskars. It's a great axe. I'd like to try the X27 some time too to see how the longer handle acts.
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