Old Stove no Air Damper?

TxRzrBk Posted By TxRzrBk, Jul 18, 2018 at 1:50 PM

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    Jul 18, 2018
    I recently purchased this wood stove for an off grid cabin. I am concerned that it does not seem to have sufficient air venting and apparently there is nothing to control the amount of air to the fire. The only source of fresh air to the fire I can find is a small ~ 3/4" diameter hole through the latch handle.

    Does anyone know anything about this particular model of stove?
    Are my concerns valid and should I consider adding an additional air damper?

    update: I answered my own question by painstakingly viewing pictures on this forum, the stove is a Morso 1125 and air to the fire is controlled by how tightly the door is closed https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/morso-1125-air-intake.33190/

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