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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 17, 2007 at 7:25 PM

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    Hi, I,m from England and I have been very pleased to read all your helpful advice because I opened up my fireplace and began burning coal recently. I learned to light the damned thing eventually, and had a great fire for a few weeks. The chimney was swept, and the Sweep confirmed I had a good draft. Then suddenly last week it changed. Now I cannot get a proper fire going. Only the intense, blue flickering flames are there. Its as if the fire is getting blown out with a down-draft. Can you tell me why this should suddenly be? In England we don't have dampers, whatever they are! So I aren't too sure about your tip re balling newspaper up.


    Draft can change with the weather. Humid and warmer days create less updraft. Less updraft will mean that the fire will not burn as hot.

    If it was a true downdraft, you would be poisoned by the fumes, so we have to assume that it is just a slowing of the updraft. This is probably either related to:

    1. The weather
    2. A different "batch" of coal - i.e., size, shape, gas content
    3. Possibly the grate needs clinkers and ash removed.
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