Opinions - which way do you think is better?


Oct 16, 2019
So I'm feeling a bit like a donkey... been preaching about "burn dry wood" in some other threads. Just checked this years wood and it's hit and miss ready. Some of the ash, maple & beech on the outside stacks and top of the inside stacks is under 20% as is what was split last fall, but the lower I go and closer to the inside stacks the higher the m.c. (mostly 23 - 28%). The softwoods are better. Pine is 16%, but a silver maple split in April is still 24%. There's even some ash from a big trunk also split in April or May that still won't register!

I double stack on pallets with a 2' space between each double stack, no top cover. South exposure and lots of wind. Stacks run north/south with 1 end against a garage. West is to the left in the photo...

Opinion 1. Should I get it inside to the wood bin and get a fan or 2 going on it or leave it outside to season more in the wind & sun? It hasn't rained in 5 days, but I was surprised by how much surface moisture was still there... Definitely an argument for top covering, but tarps always rip and plywood blows off.

Opinion 2. Should I consider changing my stacks to running east/west for more airflow between the stacks? Prevailing wind is from the west, lots of south/south west wind in summer; but fairly regular east wind off lake Michigan too.

I'm sure many will say to top cover, which I am considering; but the bigger question is trying to get it a bit more ready for the quickly approaching burning season. I figure to leave the high m.c. ash outside until next year for sure... I'll probably try to "stack loose" with gaps between the stacks when I move it inside to promote air flow.



Minister of Fire
Feb 16, 2014
Typically the best drying times are the fall and spring seasons, thats when the air is the driest (think brush fire season)
I'm an advocate to top covering to, except when I run double stacks like that, I'll stack to 4 -4 1/2ft high then run a 12" high rib down the middle bridging the 2 stacks, that allows the top cover to effectively drain and also promotes a pocket of air, not a kiln, but there is a little pocket. Prob best to re-orintate the stack e -w once you start splitting new wood, I wouldn't waste energy trying to redo the existing stuff.