Osburn Matrix 2700 or Napoleon EP13 wood burning insert?

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New Member
Sep 25, 2023
Delco PA
It's been recommended by a fireplace installer that either the Osburn Matrix 2700 or the Napoleon EP13 would be a good fit for our fireplace. We'd like an insert that does not have a catalytic converter. I think the Osburn Matrix has a bigger viewing area which I like and is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the Napoleon. We have a big fireplace and will need an extra inch or so of backing with the Osburn. I've read here that the blower on the Osburn is loud - is that still an issue? Is one of these models better quality or less likely to give me issues? Or is there another model I should consider? Are there people here who have and love (or don't love) either of these? I've looked all over the internet and am having the hardest time figuring out which of these to choose. Thanks so much for any help!
Sounds like the Matrix is the first choice. The blowers on most insert are relatively loud when run on high speed, though often not nearly so bad when run at a lower speed.
We are on year 3 with our Osburn Matrix 2700. No complaints, it does a good job heating our open floor plan of about 1800 sq ft. The blower can be loud but only when the firebox is heating up. Once things normalize it is not loud. We never run ours higher than the lowest fan setting. One thing we like is that you can leave the fan off in shoulder season and still enjoy a fire. Been using some poplar for those fires over the past few weeks.
Easy to get an overnight (8-10 hours) burn with good red oak.
My only complaint is that even with perfectly seasoned red oak (14% or lower) the glass gets dirty quick. It's easy enough to clean with a wet paper towel and some ash.
stay away from Napoleon. I don't have any experience with Osburn but it is another Canadian company.
I'd say stick with US company in case you need to deal with customer service.