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    I am a landscape architect with Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. of Michigan City, IN. We are currently working on 3 new elementary schools in Huntington, Indiana. Each of the elementary have a courtyard with a different theme. I have experience in and have designed one for wetlands and another for an insect/cutting garden. The third one is to be a local Native American history theme. The area is rich in Miami Indian history and artifacts as this area was once the main land of that tribe. In such, a mainstay of the tribal community was the fire ring that served many functions for them practically and socially. Here's the problem....We have sufficient space (30'+) around the courtyard for safe operation of the open flame. However, we could not possibly use real wood as the potential for sparks and ash conflicts with the surrounding building are to great. What I would like to do is construct the fire ring (as authentic as possible with the help of the local archeological society) and supply a gas fire with synthetic (ceramic, concrete, etc.) as the fire for the fire ring. While I can find numerous sources referencing outdoor fireplaces, I can find none that specifically address the situation that I describe. I would like to have a fire that is gas fueled that looks like an ordinary camp fire.? No hoods, covers, vents, boxes, etc. All of these elements severely impact any attempt to replicate the fire ring? You can imagine the disappointment of the local historians if they see a council fire ring with a Chiminea (or similar solution) in the center! I anxiously await any direction that you may be able to provide. Thanks for the help.


    There are a few companies that make gas fire pits. Perhaps you can slightly modify one of them to fit your needs.

    First, try http://www.heatnglo.com. http://www.heatnglo.com/catalog/detail.asp?prodcode=21325&catcode=O Their pit is fairly generic. Also, try http://www.rhpeterson.com/campfyre.htm

    I think one of these may do for you...

    Link: Heat n Glo Web Site
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