Over $ 9.00/gal gas in alaska??

WellSeasoned Posted By WellSeasoned, Dec 1, 2011 at 1:46 PM

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    I paid the equivalent of maybe $7.50 in Ireland last week. People complain about gas prices in the US without realizing how cheap it is, relatively speaking. Spring water costs more if you buy it in 20 oz bottles.
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    yeah but your not comparing the real price, your shelling out tons for taxes, we're fighting our govt. over here to keep our fuel taxes down. The govt. makes twice the taxes/ gal that the oil co makes in profit, some polliticians think we need to match what you guys pay. AK pays that cost due to transport cost
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    Is there anyone on Hearth from Nome?

    What it sounds like the Coast Guard might come to their rescue and break the ice so that the barge can get to shore.


    Though on the Yahoo message boards someone did make a good suggestion that those reality show people create a show called Extreme Trucking.
    Where an Ice Road would be created and truckers work to get the fuel to shore.
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    Never understood that concept, paying for water. Most water you buy isnt spring water, but is really purified water; no different then you can get from your faucet at home. Think about what a can of soda costs when compared to gasoline, and all that is sugar water.
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    We have someone on our board from Nome, but he isn't around a lot.

    I lived there for three years, so have been following that with some interest.

    It might make more sense to get in as close to the ice pack as is safe, and then run hoses from the barges to the holding tanks. The section going over the water could be supported with flotation devices, and then run the rest across the ice.

    Options will be limited depending upon the quality of the ice, as well. One of the reasons that they are considering relocating Shishmaref is that, in addition to the later ice formation contributing to the erosion of the island, the pack ice that they do have is much thinner and more fragile, and more dangerous to hunt on. If that's the quality of ice they are looking at now, then an icebreaker would be an easier solution, certainly.

    Good that they got the home heating oil in--that's much more critical, I would think. Maybe they can address this with increased public transportation. (When I was out there, the school bus informally served that role.)
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