P43 Efficiency Question

skidude Posted By skidude, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:51 AM

  1. hinkle

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    UPDATE: Ran it wide open, feed at 6, heat at 7 and fan on High (stove temp) had it up to 88F in the stove room 80's in the rest of the house BUT was in the 60-70;s outside, heat spike. I did the 30 mins, still almost 2" of ash, let it got for about an hour at those settings before getting too hot and turned it down. I did clean out the burnpot and behind the wing nuts because the auto ignitor wasn't working, vaccummed everything, broke the belt on the old junk vac in the process. I will be watching the auto ignitor since its mention as one of the faults on these. I haven't tried it, since cleaning it out, but its never auto ignited on Stove Temp Mode.


    WINNER. As I said I got this ton of pellets from my brother in law in a trade for some winter rims/tires and he got the pellets from the local dealer which should have assumeably have better pellets than home depot/lowes/etc, but guess not. They work enough that the heat pump doesn't run so I'll use them up and test out some random brands before this ton is gone, its 35 outside now, 80 in stove room and 72 in the rest of the main floor. auger 4, heat 5.5 stove temp and High blower fan.

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