Pacific Energy Blower Fan

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New Member
Mar 5, 2022
Hi Everyone.

I recently purchased a oem pacific energy fan but it doesn't ever shut off.

When the dial is turned to off it still runs. Anyone else have this issue? Any adjustments I can make?

Anyone use the auto feature on their PE blower fan?

My new one seems to struggle to shut off as the stove cools. Clicks as it's trying to turn-off then comes back on. Woke up this morning and it was doing that until I turned it to manual and then off.

We lit a small fire and turned it back to auto and it's now off but the stove is running at a higher temp then when it was trying to shut itself off.
I have a Neo 2.5 that works well on auto. As the stove is cooling it shuts off and comes on again as the firebox builds heat. Does that about 4 times every 10 to 20 minutes.
When the stove is cool it seems to take a long time to start blowing but once it's on it stays on no problem.