Pacific Energy Spectrum Brick Rail Help!!

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Dec 17, 2015
Marblemount, WA
Hey everyone, I purchased a used 1990 (December) Pacific Energy Spectrum Wood Stove off Craigslist a few years ago for my basement. In an effort to get longer burn times, I replaced the baffle last year with a new sealed SS one. I knew at this time the brick rails were pretty shot.... but one thing at a time. Recently I noticed a ton of flames were going in the gap between the rails and baffed. They were very very warped. The left side fell out so I tried straightening it but that didn't go well. I purchased a new pair from a dealer in ON, Canada and had them here in a few days. I chucked the bent one into the metal recycling this morning... which my wife took. I started working on the jammed in right one and thats when trouble hit. It was very very stuck. My local dealer said they can stick and to just use a hammer, prybar and force to get it out. I tried this... I even cut it in half with a sawzall and neither side fell free. My guess is that it was heated up pretty high and welded itself to the side. Uh Oh. I then used a cut off wheel and cut off most of it so that my new rails would fit. I thought I was in the clear. I remember being told that the rails just kind of balance in there. This wasn't really working well so I looked closely at some pics online and noticed some hangers in the front and rear of the stove that the brick rails hang on. I don't have a single one. So either all four broke off of my stove OR my stove utilized different brick rails. Any help would be appreciated.

December 1990
Pacific Energy - Spectrum
Serial #: WH-82078


Minister of Fire
Sep 22, 2012
Some pics would be very helpful....


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Give Tom Oyen a call up in Bellingham. He knows these stoves like the back of his hand and is a PE dealer.


Dec 17, 2015
Marblemount, WA
I called Tom. He was the one I purchased the baffle from. He said they should have holders. Anyone know if a set laying around or of the dimensions so that I can have a welder Fab up some new ones. Here are some pics.
26bbabe7bb73d645fd66572555328823.jpg ef2e3a294b26ebce865c9859e21b831e.jpg 18351900f11b6f30d00a35782dccf75b.jpg c0b91985601da3475a50e8183d0b7097.jpg c282fe6ab70f124794db90d1c758d2b0.jpg f5850510eb89c06a75e4a6a366068f9e.jpg
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