Pacific Energy Summit LE stove pipe sits loose in the stove collar

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Dec 13, 2020
As seen in the video, our Pacific Energy Summit LE stove pipe sits quite loose in the stove collar. Stove pipe is double walled. It was installed by certified installers, however I’m not sure this is how it should be. We’ve had it about a year, and last winter and so far this fall we’ve cleaned every month or so, with significant creosote being removed each time. I think it’s likely pulling room air through that loose fitting. We measured the inner portion of the stove adaptor and it’s approx 5 5/8 inches, and I believe the stove collar is 6in. Looking for suggestions on how to fix this, whether there are different sized adaptors a person could get?


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Feeling the Heat
Jan 26, 2021
I went to install my starter damper pipe section not double wall...where it has a smaller end for flue outlets....and in the past has fits in all of my 6 inch stoves ...but with the new summit it requires a crimped end for a starter pipe...the reason is its a tad smaller outlet....I had the tool on hand so I just crimped it and used a small piece of 2x4 and hammer to get it to seat firmly and then screwed in.

They make adapters from stove to double wall but imo many installers don't carry enough parts during the install and just receive supplies from the dealer. So they do whatever to get by...

Duravent has a great help line....I would email video to them so you can forward the response to your dealer. Stove pipe isn't suppose to shake...
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