Pacific Energy Summit Surround

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Sep 9, 2017
Port Angeles
I have a series B pacific energy summit and am having a really hard time finding the part number for a small surround. Or just finding the dimensions so that I can fabricate it myself. Can it be aluminum or does it need to be steel? My local dealer has no clue and the local distributor just took my name and number and said they'll get back to me. I feel so stuck and need help. What better place to find help than this forum. Thank you in advance.
Thank you. I checked out his site and saw the surrounds. However it doesn't mention weather they're for a Series B or a Series C. My stove is a Series B and is discontinued. Making it harder to find spare parts.
Give Tom a call. He's the PE guru.
The OP never contacted me, I just had a few minutes to kill and decided to see how bholler was doing in his quest to out-post BeGreen. The panels for the Series C Summits are different than the Series B panels, and can't be substituted. Last I checked, the only Series B Panels PE had left were a couple of OS (OverSize). If they're still available, they could be made to work by cutting down the perimeter with power shears.
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Last I checked, the only Series B Panels PE had left were a couple of OS (OverSize).

Thank you for the response, I managed to contact PE directly. That's why I never called. You are correct sir. They only have OS. I should have also asked if the surround could be made from aluminum. I'm an aircraft mechanic and know how to work aluminum well. I'll just have to fabricate it myself. However, would you happen to know of a high heat spray paint in in black? Preferably cast iron.