Painting pipe on pellet stove

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We have a black pellet stove. My wife doesn't like the look of the silver pipe that vents to the outside. It looks extra bad because we have high heat tape on parts of it. The installer put some tape on when we noticed some smoke was mostly from the windows but probably partially from the pipe.

Anyway, I'm looking to paint the silver pipe black. The installer said he uses some spray paint that is high heat safe. My question is: does this paint also act as a sealant? Will it act like the high heat aluminum tape and help seal in/prevent odors?

Thanks in advance.

Here's an example of a product at Home Depot:;=-15&storeId=10051&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntx=mode+matchall&recN=0&N=0&Ntk=P_PartNumber


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Dec 30, 2008
Northwestern CT.
I don't think the paint will act like a sealant. It is too thin to do anything.

I used Black High Heat silicone to seal my pipe joints, Except were I was going to have to remove to clean later. I used the foil tape in those area's.

You can use any high heat paint. I found some brush on paint at the auto parts store. I don't like spray painting in the house.



Jun 27, 2009
Northern New York
No, the paint will not act as a sealant, not really sure what your best alternative is to seal the piping and paint it. I know that your better off using and actual stove paint, such as Stove Brite brand. You might want to call your dealer.


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Nov 21, 2008
South Central Maine
My install was in an existing fireplace flue with a new SS liner. (Almost none of the T or pipe shows from the inside, BUT . . . .

I did not want a bright stainless cap, that resembled a bird feeder, sticking up from the top of my 4' by 4' brick center chimney
of a very traditionally styled cape cod house.

Took the expensive route and went to a shop that does specialty coating ( powder coating).

Had them coat the stainless with a "nano black" that is fade resistant and not a shiny finish.

Looks nice. Pellet stove installers had never seen that done. Think that they thought I was a little "over the top".

Not cheap, not a solution for many, but nice.



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Dec 11, 2007
Upstate NY
First get those leaks fixed now and forever. If you have to replace whatever pipe you need and caulk with high temp silicone.

In the same isle Home Depot sells a similar high temp flat black paint for grills and stoves you can brush on. At first I was skeptical it would look good but with a steady hand the brush strokes don't look to bad. Here is a pic. Not the pipe where IMHO there are acceptable brush strokes on.



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Feb 28, 2008
Central CT
to paint it, as macman mentioned in other posts, just pickle the pipe with vinegar so the paint will adhere nice to the pipe.

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