Paperstone Countertops

VTHC Posted By VTHC, Mar 8, 2010 at 5:51 PM

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  1. VTHC

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    Does anyone have any input or experience working with this material?
    My Wife and I are working on updating/remodeling our kitchen, and went and bought some cork flooring this past weekend. The store we went to also sells this product (Paperstone), and it got me contemplating whether or not this would work well for us. I really want soapstone counter-top or the phenolic counter-tops used in laboratories, and i would like to make them myself with my regular wood working tools (save on costs, and I like to do stuff DIY). The cost was around $44/ft. on a standard width counter-top at 1" thick.

    Is standard width counter-top 30"? Ours are 24" old formica type.
    Is this price counter-top material similar to other solid surface products?
    If not, what other types/brands should i look into for less $$? Are they "green" products?

    Thanks for your input/advice!
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    Standard Countertops are 24" deep. If you want a DIY material that is cheaper and as pretty as or prettier than soapstone, try concrete. You can buy the polisher on Ebay for less than $200.00. You can color it with dye, or stain it after its done. It's very versatile. Here's a forum, look at the pics.
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