PE Summit in action (pics) and some other info

Todd 2 Posted By Todd 2, Oct 21, 2012 at 6:27 PM

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    Sep 17, 2012
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    Hope this upload works, Took these pics last night, 6 med size 2 yr locust splits about 1 hr into a reload burn, air shut off letting the EBT do its thing. Pipe thermometer is about 25 deg off (over) stove one is pretty accurate. Usually burn lower btu wood this time of year, had it 82 deg in here, but the locust gives the best secondaries show with the lights off. I know its been seen alot before but I never get tired of the show. Hope the new PH gives a good secondaries show along with the cat to get better burn times and be more efficient. Went to look at the new Cape Cod but they said it should be in this week, price was $3394 + $282 for the fan if wanted. Im buying a SS liner from them and asked if I could take some pics inside and out of the new CC to post and they said no problem, so hopefully they have one when I return. I'll post them on here if its OK ? ( any legal problems or such ? ) These new stoves sure are interesting, makes you want to try them all, some of you have a good start, lol View attachment 78185 View attachment 78185 DSC01426.jpg DSC01435.jpg DSC01442.jpg DSC01444.jpg
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