Pellet fireplace insert vs boiler

loontune Posted By loontune, Jul 8, 2008 at 5:55 PM

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    Jul 8, 2008
    Hi all,
    Need advise. I first heard about pellet boilers and was all for it. After looking into things for a while, seems they are rumored to be inefficient, and much more money with install and pellet storage than I thought. Now I am thinking about either a fireplace insert, or a stand alone pellet stove but heres what I am up against. I've attached my first floor plan to help.

    I am not crazy about a standalone with three children, youngest soon to be 2. I do not have a very open floor plan, but think I could sneak one in in the dining room, vented at the 2 foot wall area where the 24 foot family room wall stops short of the 28 foot house. Could alway gate the thing off from the kids. But then nothing gets done for the second floor and hot water.

    The safer fireplace insert for the children would go into the family room. Problem again, how does that heat get to the rest of the first floor, and worse, theres a 12 foot ceiling there and the rest of the floor has 8 foot ceiliings. Am I wasting money trying to heat that whole floor from the room. Still nothing for second floor and hot water.

    Maybe a pellet furnace plugged into the first floor forced air instead? Still second floor and water. All the second floor hydro-air equipment and venting is in the attic. Any suggestions would help., thanks.

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