Pellet Pro II board repair and some Qs

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Jan 15, 2024
Hello All,

I'm new here, pellet stoves are the new 'beasts' to me, but have been in repair/service field (industrial electronics & automation) over 50 years.

Posting here as I want to help friend of a friend (on pro bono basis) , who presented me with controll board with burns and defective components.

I was able to find some (all?) defective components, but have a problem with the value of R10 resistor (desoldered on a side of board) which measures ~8.5kOhms, but the codes read 12(3 or 4) 1, 123 or 124 ohms (the 3rd band not descernable, except for a light color) , not common values. Resistor itself doesn't show any thermal stress, nor triac Q3 to which it's connected is defective.

Can someone, who did such a repair, has a board, verify the value for me please?



I see no takers, well..
Can someone tell me what are the options if I cannot fix the board?, from my (not in-depth) reading I understand there are some kits/upgrade for that Pellet stove, right?.
And can you tell me plz, if Pro Pellet II has different variants/model, or it stands as an unique model by itself?

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