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Jan 22, 2021
Central NH
We just started shopping for pellets and, as usual, am not finding a large variety in central NH and I would appreciate any input on what I found or if anyone in central NH knows of any better source, pellets or prices?

Locally, I found:
NE Wood Pellet - $379 or $370/ton
Ambiance $412.50/ton
LG $397/ton based on last year's price
Green Supreme $472.50/ton based on last year's price
Wood & Son $380/ton
Lignetics $359/ton - Ace Hardware stores but does not deliver.

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I bought four tons of Hamers a few weeks ago. Sorry, I can't remember the price but it was a little "ouchy". I don't shop products just the price of Hamers and delivery charges.
I like the Wood and Sons softwood pellets. The last two seasons in which I used them the amount of ash was extremely low and the heat output was very good. Hopefully they will be comparable this year.
I have found Wood and Sons pellets to be a good pellet. But too pricey for what they are. I use to like Ambiance, but they closed. Someone bought the name and is offering pellets under the old name. So new pellets using an old name.
We flipped a coin and bought Wood & Sons - it was expensive, but it appears prices have gone up on all of the pellets and it sounds like they are a good pellet.

Our 2nd choice was Ambiance so it's good to know they are no longer the same supplier. I'm feeling better about our choice.

Thanks to everyone.
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Ambiance Pellets are still made in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
By Valfei Products Inc.
From the same Company since 2006
They also make Orford wood pellets
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