Pellet stove won’t start

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New Member
Dec 15, 2021
I have an Englander pellet stove model #10-CPM, 49-TRCPM, 49-SHCPM, manufacture date 08/07
I replaced the hopper lid safety switch and it ran fine for 2 weeks, now the ’on’ button doesn’t work. If I unplug/plug in it does the ’just plugged in’ noises, everything on the control panel seems to work, I can adjust heat range and blower speed, when I press ‘air on temp’ it turns the burn pot auger like it supposed to but when I hit the on button...nothing


Burning Hunk
Feb 8, 2012
Southern Maine
Forgive me as I'm not 100% familiar with your stove. I don't think the lower auger should come on when you hit the AOT button, are you somehow in programming mode? Short of that, I'd say you have a bad button on the board. If you're careful, they can be replaced. Again, not seeing your board or being familiar with your stove, can you see the two contacts on the switch and jump across them?