Piazzetta Grate Self Cleaning

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New Member
Nov 28, 2023
Phoenixville, Pa
On my new (floor model) Monia 2.0, something seems to be wrong with automatic grate cleaning (Message “Cleaning Grate”). This is my theory. This stove is 1 1/2 months since installation, I have seen “Cleaning Grate” only once. We always run on p3, 66-68 degrees. Sudden, loud increase in exhaust fan RPM, for 2-3 seconds, frequently and irregularly (I’m assuming it’s the exhaust fan) at least 10 times a day. Never “Cleaning Grate” message.

We clean grate, ash tray, glass, etc. daily, vacuum out all ashes and so on. Combustion chamber every 2 weeks. Quite a bit of incrustation in grate a couple times, had to take the buildup out with ice pick and woodworking chisel.

This all makes me think the problem is self-cleaning of grate. When installed, no cold test was run by technician, no instructions of panel functions, and so on. I probably should have run away. I’m thinking I should set the stove back to factory settings, take it from there. I suspect someone messed with settings before I bought it. I don’t feel competent to alter settings more than this yet.