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QandA Posted By QandA, May 5, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I'm a heating contractor... and recently ran into a true draft induced gas fireplace... which vents up and out utilizing Hart & Cooley's 3" nonmetallic (gray GE plastic resin) single wall tubing the operation of the inducer produces objectionable sound (the inducer itself doesn't appear to be problematic... but the overall design does) room air appears to enter the bottom grille- is warmed- and leaves the upper grille by gravity - I'd call the manufacturer- if I knew who it was... and disassembly in the hopes of locating an identifying label will be difficult and time consuming it's overall exterior dimensions are 36" width x 34" height... and the number 0937416 is visible on a label through the upper grille - can you think of which manufacturer utilized induced draft?... any other suggestions? - THANK YOU!


    Very few use induced draft- and those that I know only use it for certain reasons. For instance- both Heat n Glo and Superior fireplace produce units which vent from the bottom ! Sorry- without a brand name..I can't help.
    I am not familiar with ANY that uses that plastic venting, although it could be possible. I doubt it, however, since that venting is usually used on condensing appliances...and gas fireplaces are not condensing.
    Sounds like the installation may be a major botch job!
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