Pleasant Hearth has fireplace—replace remote?

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New Member
Dec 16, 2020
I have an elderly Aunt that just purchased a Pleasant Hearth VFF-PH32 ventless gas fireplace for her home heat. It has a connected Remote hand-held Thermostat with On, OFF, MODE, and SET buttons, as well as display LCD.
We’re having trouble getting her to comprehend it possibly, or could be some kind of glitch where it’s not shutting off the heat...
My question is, shouldn’t it be possible to disconnect this included Receiver and Thermostat unit, and just replace with a good old-fashioned wall unit she can just slide the manual lever to desired temp setting?
I’m not sure yet how this system operates on this one—I believe the receiver (powered by 4 batteries) is sending around 5 volts to the valve solenoid...
Pleasant Hearth has fireplace—replace remote?