please help me pick a stove......

tobaccogrower Posted By tobaccogrower, Nov 21, 2012 at 6:46 AM

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    my dutchwest needs a severe overhaul due to the refractory material falling apart after 2 seasons and the back part of the stove is also falling apart. not waranteed because dealer claims VC sold out to some overseas company. i hated that stove so its time for somthing new!

    i have a 2 story farm house about 1300sf with a addition off the east end thats heated by our gas stove. the stove room is smack dab in the center of the house with the staircase also in that room.

    right now we have a old VC knock-off castiron,no firebrick cant feed it fast enough pos that does a super job of heating the space but needs to be fed every couple hours and is smokey as all heck if i chock it down to conserve wood. i'm leaning twords a blaze king princess because all the praise on here and the long burn times. i really dont care if i can get a 20 hour burn but want a stove i dont have to spend a hour every morning relighting it.

    we have an interior chimney that i just had a ss 6inch liner installed last season. i have great draft.

    the blaze king is nice(and pricy) but i'm open to all suggestions. i really want somthing thats easy to get going and operate. somthing my dutchwest neverburn and VC knockoff are not! thanks in advance!!
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    If you don't mind the looks, you can't beat BK for performance. It's well suited for your smaller space, as I think any non-cat stuffed full enough for all-night burns (no relighting in the morning) is going to provide way too much heat.

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