Please Help with my Jotul GF 370 Lemon

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Elizabeth Wheeler

New Member
Jan 25, 2023
Setauket, New York
I bought a Jotul GF 370 that was installed in early 2019. It has never worked consistently. Often it has taken many "clicks" of the remote to get the pilot to brighten and usually, if it would ignite around the circle, it would shut off after a few minutes. The dealer has sent their one repairman over and over, even, finally, replacing the control board with one he removed from a showroom model. It worked for six weeks and then, for the last month, it won't even brighten at the pilot location. I am done with waiting over a month for the dealer's only repairman to come back, sit in front of the unit looking through the manual, fiddle with something or the other and then be back again a month or two later to repeat his useless manipulations.
I sent a letter on January 3 to the head of Jotul in Norway, C.C.ed to the listed head of Jotul North America and to the dealer at which I bought the unit. Have not received a reply from Norway or Maine. I'd rather have my unit work reliably but have become so frustrated that I am looking on-line for information about how to use the small claim court for a replacement or refund.
Does anyone have any advice? Have others found either how to coax a GF 370 to work reliably or to gain satisfaction from Jotul or the local dealer?
Try posting on Jotul's facebook page. That was the only way I ever got a response from them. They don't seem to answer emails. Relying on the dealers to troubleshoot doesn't really work if the dealer can't figure out the problem. Sigh.