Plywood termal buffer tank?

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Good morning,

I'm working with a remote lodge that wants to put in a Woodmaster Flex-fuel 60kW boiler - the model that can burn either pellets or cord-wood by just switching the grate. It runs at atmospheric pressure.

The lodge is only accessible by twin-otter or helicopter ... so the local Woodmaster Rep has been suggesting we build a thermal buffer tank on-site using an insulated plywood box, strengthened with a solid lumber frame & with an EPDM liner.

The other alternative would be to use 3 x 220 Gallon tanks, which should fit in the airplane & also in the basement space we have available.

Anyone had experience with such "on-site manufactured" buffer tanks? We are in northern Canada (NWT) - would any codes apply to these buffer tanks that would be hard to meet?

I have seen this done in remote homes that get water delivered by truck - one tank I saw was over 6 feet high and at least 10 feet x 10 feet - made with 2x10s & plywood.

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Sep 15, 2011
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Tom In Maine - forum member on here - is the guy you want to talk to.

EDIT: And can't imagine any codes giving you problems. They were a non-factor for me.

Bob Rohr

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Jan 9, 2008
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A company in my area built dozens of lined, insulated plywood tanks. If you can build it in the corner of a basement you get that added structure to work from.

These were plywood with 2X4 on edge frame work. Similar to how you form plywood for a concrete pour, with 2X on edge.

Tom, mentioned above has nice knock down tanks that could easily be shipped and assembled on site. possibly less $$ than building your own custom tank.
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