1. F

    Maxim M250 woes, FO troubleshooting

    Hey All, I’m a first time poster. Apologies if this issue has been addressed in the past. Here goes. I inherited a Maxim M250 with a house a couple of years ago. For all intents and purposes it ran last year. This year I’m having a problem of keeping it going. It started out happening...
  2. B

    Benjamin combo boiler - can i use without domestic water?

    Hi, I’m new to the boiler world. I just moved into an off grid house that has a Benjamin wood/oil combo boiler. My question is do I need to have domestic water in the system before I fire up the wood portion ?If that coil is empty will it be damaged by the heat? I’d rather not fill up the water...
  3. K

    Cabin Expansion - Stove to Fireplace?

    Hi all! What a great forum! We live just inland from Lake Superior in a very snowy microclimate. My wife and I with our 4 kids live in a cabin originally built as a 1bd/1ba, and after 3 years are expanding it into a still relatively modest 4bd/3ba home. Currently we heat using radiant in the...
  4. 2

    Enviro Maxx Water Boiler / Pellet Mill Project (Creative Advice Please)

    Hey, Im Dorian from Victoria BC - new to the forum. We're currently starting a craft distillery and looking to recycle energy wherever possible. I have an engineering background and I'm looking for advice, or thoughts, on two main renewable energy projects. Project 1: Im currently working with...
  5. F

    Winery Reality Check- Looking to Add 2 wood stoves to Fireplaces

    Long, long time lurker...newer poster (I feel I now actually have something to share and comment on!.) Background info: - I have read all of the recommended buying guides I can find. I really appreciate all the info and knowledge people offer. I love @Hogwildz no-nonsense style and others...
  6. B

    Domestic Water Issues?

    I just installed a Heatmor Outdoor boiler for my home. I have an hydronic system with cast iron radiators. My oil boiler also heats my domestic hot water. I have my Heatmor and Oil boiler running through a plate exchanger. It is working great for heating my house, boiler hasn't kicked on...
  7. D

    Weil-Mclain Boiler Mystery Leaking

    I have a Weil Mclain WGO-5 boiler. ITT Bell Gossett HFT-60 diaphragm expansion tank next to the boiler. When the boiler is off the pressure gauge says 3 PSI and temperature around 167 degrees. During a long burn the pressure rises to 25-28psi and the temperature hits 175 area. No water leaks...
  8. quick87ss

    Waste oil in Boiler anyone???

    I have a Switzer 1000 gallon boiler. I absolutely love this thing. I'm running in-floor radiant heat on both floors of my 3000 sq ft. house. The first floor has a 1.5" slab of gypcrete. And a dhw coil. This boiler performs absolutely amazing! I keep the house at 73 degrees and have had no...
  9. fowlerrudi

    My Hot Tub Hookup Experience - Glycol Loop

    I thought I would share my hot tub hookup just for into for those who may be googling this and need some info like I did. I have an Eko 40 Boiler with 1000 gallons of storage - coupled with a Vesta System from nofossil. We acquired a free hot tub that was only a few years old and had either a...
  10. Scott Pond

    Remote temperature monitoring

    Hey all, new here with a HeatmasterSS G100 just installed this week. I want to be able to view/monitor the temps of the boiler but it is out in my garage. Has anyone setup a way to monitor their boiler from their phone, device in the house?
  11. W

    new wood hydronic boiler

    hello, Im new here but i am building a new house and have installed hydronics in my entire house in a slab on grade. The house is 2500sf of heated space and i would like to install a wood hydronic boiler but the research has proved daunting. I also own a sawmill so i have a never ending supply...
  12. Mellowyelloe

    My homemade gasifier

    Hi fellow members. This is my first post. I joined this community to share my boiler project with everyone in hopes maybe others can learn and hopefully I can learn from others. Last summer I started building my boiler because I was tired of the inefficiency of my insert in my fireplace. Plus...
  13. nhtreehouse

    Wood Framing Between Tank and Foam Insulation?

    Hi All, I've been lurking around for a while, and am working on installing a wood/pellet boiler system in an outbuilding. It's all coming along quite well, and I'll post an install thread once I get it up and running. I've converted a propane tank and have insulated between the tank and the...
  14. D

    Jensen 24b indoor wood boiler manual needed

    I am in search of a manual for a Jensen 24b indoor wood boiler. I see there is an older thread on this but it is not closed. If anyone can help it would be of great help. Thanks in advance!!!!!! :)
  15. S

    Wood boiler advice

    I have a old Riteway RB-75 wood fired boiler. It works pretty good apart from a couple issues. First it creates a lot of creosote in the firebox which Ive read can be solved by having longer burns. But I was wondering if there was a good additive to remove some of the creosote? Or what else...
  16. Andrew Robinson

    Plywood termal buffer tank?

    Good morning, I'm working with a remote lodge that wants to put in a Woodmaster Flex-fuel 60kW boiler - the model that can burn either pellets or cord-wood by just switching the grate. It runs at atmospheric pressure. The lodge is only accessible by twin-otter or helicopter ... so the local...
  17. S

    Indoor Wood Boiler Advice Needed!

    Let me start by saying this is my first post on, but I am no stranger to this site. You all are full of knowledge and have answered a lot of my previous wood burning questions. However, I have not been able to find much information on my particular situation. I recently purchased a...
  18. Betterlysolutions

    Limit and blower shut off issue

    happy new year! I have a question... Actually a scenario i could use a little input on if you don't mind? It's an outdoor wood boiler another plumber installed and i combined an indoor navien system with it. There was a 6006c1018 aqua-stat installed on it to shut it down on temp rise but the...