Enviro Maxx Water Boiler / Pellet Mill Project (Creative Advice Please)

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New Member
Jun 28, 2019
Victoria BC
Hey, Im Dorian from Victoria BC - new to the forum.

We're currently starting a craft distillery and looking to recycle energy wherever possible. I have an engineering background and I'm looking for advice, or thoughts, on two main renewable energy projects.

Project 1: Im currently working with our local college engineering students to develop a machine that will take our spent grain and pelletize it to be used in our Enviro Maxx MF. The heat will be used to heat the building and heat a supply of water used for the next mash batch. We are custom making the mill and cooler apparatus. Has anybody made pellets from distillers grain?

Project 2: Looking to extract energy from the Maxx to heat a water supply as previously mentioned. Im unsure about using the exhaust the get the heat as it's not very hot and I'm worried about condensation. I may want to make a heat exchanger tube system inside the firebox. What have others done? I'm thinking a closed system but open to anything at this point really. Ideally, I'm looking for a way to vary heat transfer to the convection tubes and water supply because in the winter ill want more heat in the building instead of into the water. The hot water for the mash will be supplemented with propane. Concerns?

Thanks for reading - ill stay posted as things progress.