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    Can't figure out what to do; advice needed

    Hello all! I have hours and hours reading on here and other pages. I still don't feel any further ahead. Hopefully I can get a few things straight. First off, introduction: I am building a house in Maine. I grew up running wood stoves and live 1 mile from my dad's 300 acre woodlot along with a...
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    Enviro Maxx Water Boiler / Pellet Mill Project (Creative Advice Please)

    Hey, Im Dorian from Victoria BC - new to the forum. We're currently starting a craft distillery and looking to recycle energy wherever possible. I have an engineering background and I'm looking for advice, or thoughts, on two main renewable energy projects. Project 1: Im currently working with...
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    Multi-fuel stove not burning coal too well.

    Hi I’m going out of my mind reading post after post after post on various blogs and not seeming to find a solution to my problem - maybe I’m not searching for the right thing or maybe I’m just unlucky. Who knows. But hope someone here can help me. I’m relatively new to the stove world having...
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    Struggling to get stove up to temperature!

    Hi, hopefully someone can help with this! We bought a 5kw multifuel stove recently and have been burning wood with success. We do find though that logs dont last very long and it is becoming expensive so we are trying to move over to smokeless coal instead. We can get the coal lit and...
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    Carr Products Multi Fuel Stove

    Hey ya'll. A friend has recently offered me a stove made by Carr Products. For the life of me, I can't find any information about the company. I'm going to look at the stove next week. I was curious if anyone had any experience with them, or the company itself. He says it's a pretty complicated...
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    hearthstone II G and Gemini System

    I have a hearthstone II G and a Hearthstone II gemini system that were given to me by a friend. I cant Find any info on the gemini system anywhere. My friend was told that these are no longer legal to use. what I can figure out is that the woodstove is a regular old woodstove and the gemini...