Possible Small Chimney Fire

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how are you ensuring that where it elbows upwards, that you dont have a big ole pile of creosote sitting in that corner causing it to burn off and create a poor draft?
I've had a backwards draft and your symptoms occasionally. Mostly because someone was running ventilation in the house, like a bathroom fan venting to the outside, which may have created a slightly lower pressure inside. I don't have an outside air intake.

But opening a window near the stove quickly resolved that.
That night I must have had some really weird atmospheric pressure. I did not have any exhausts in the house running , I have heard that can cause issues before.

And replying to the last post, as far as making sure the two 45 degree elbows are clean I run the soot eater back and forth several times to hopefully push anything down. Other than that though, I haven’t done anything like take it apart. Thanks for the comments. Ordered and auber at200 to keep an eye on the flue temps to make sure I’m burning clean.